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VIRIDIAN is the 2nd EP of the musical project Soundery (formerly known as INFINITY²), led by musician and songwriter Andre Osokin. This release explores the "light side" of the project, featuring atmospheric / melancholic songs, where the major part of the sound is shaped by piano and acoustic guitars.


released April 27, 2017

Andre Osokin - vocals, keyboards, programming
Alexander Kurakin - bass
Sergey Isaenko - guitars

Ri Vinogradova - backing vocals, lead vocals on track 3
Richard Ofsoski - lead vocals on track 3
Ilya Simakov - saxophone solos
Eugene Rumyantsev - cello

All music and lyrics written by Andre Osokin
Additional arrangements by all of the above

Lead vocals and cello recorded at Black Obelisk Studio
Guitars and bass reamping by Dmitry Borisenkov
Mixed and mastered by Andre Osokin

Cover artwork by Alexandra Lazareva
Layout by Andre Osokin

Thanks to all of our friends and families for their support, with extra special thanks to:
Anastasia Malakhova, Dmitry Borisenkov, Nikita Kamenskiy, Greg Schmitt, and all the guest musicians for helping us make this EP!



all rights reserved


Soundery Moscow, Russia

SOUNDERY is the new name for INFINITY², an alternative / progressive rock project started in 2015. The new 4-track EP "Viridian" explores the "light side" of the project, featuring acoustic / melancholic songs.

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Track Name: What Lies Ahead
No longer can I see your face,
Don’t try to call
You kicked me out to roam the streets
Into the unknown
Far from home, alone

What lies ahead of me?
Another broken dream?
How come I couldn’t see
The darkness inside thee?

It’s been a week, or maybe two,
What should I do?
I’m so afraid, afraid to tell
To tell them the truth
What’s the use?..
In the end, I’ll be the fool

What lies ahead of me?
More pain and suffering?
Somebody help me
Erase the memories

The sky has turned viridian blue…
I don’t need love, I don’t need you!
I see the door, but there’s no key
To escape this agony
Track Name: Another World
I dreamed of another world,
Full of new tomorrows,
Where no one could be hurt
And no one’s heard of sorrow

Oh I wonder – if we could make it real?

Every night
Over and over
I keep dreaming
Of another world

One day, oh someday
Our lives will brighten
And there must be a way
To stand united

And together we could make a change…

Every night
Over and over
I keep dreaming
Of another world

I wake in another world,
Full of new tomorrows...
Track Name: Farewell / Goodbye
Storm clouds around my shoulders
There was nothing to hold onto
And the feelings, they got colder
Turned to stone

Went on my own and had to let go
That love outworn

And my heart was full of regrets
Of the moments we shared
Memories in my head - like salt on a wound
The lesson was learned
We reached our point of no return

Scared, lonely
Desperately burning bridges down
Why did we break that sacred vow?
A familiar melody stuns my ears,
Cuts my heart, tears apart
A thing I can never ever forget

A frail memory of what was meant to be
Is now just history

And my heart was full of regrets
Of the moments we shared
Memories in my head - like salt on a wound
The fairytale’s gone…
There’s just a few more pages left to burn

But looking back at what I had,
And looking back at what I’ve done,
There’s nothing that would bring me down
My fears – they’re all gone

I will never try to forget
Though it cuts like a knife
It’s a part of my life, no point to deny
Farewell and goodbye
Thanks for the ride

There’s no reason to regret
There’s no point to make amends
And I promise to myself
There is nothing I should ever forget
Track Name: Heart Of Gold
Every heart needs love
Love that would keep it warm,
Love that would set the tone,
Make its beat go on
She’s all the reasons why
She makes me laugh and cry
And she will always try
To stay by my side

Yes, I know
It’s a heart of gold
With love so strong

A canvas of fate she paints,
Coloring up the space,
Brightening up my sky
With that lovely smile
Without her I’m shy inside
Feral and wild on the outside
Wearing the mask of lies
Pretending I’m alright

Yes, I know
It’s a heart of gold
With love so strong

And when the world grows colder,
And when it hails with pain
I will be there to keep you safe

Yes, I know
It’s a heart of gold
With love so strong

You make me who I am